Orlando: Early 2019

Getting started at the new job with a near-week long Florida retreat


A good way to get another long-stretch round of experimentation with the fuji x100f, a Thursday arrival in Orlando to kick off a work retreat for the next five days. A mixture of learning, working, and social gatherings with a fun group of people I have just begun working with in the last few weeks. The flight out of Atlanta was a hair before 7:00 AM so an early start to the morning but we have turned the hotel lobby into a makeshift coworking space.

I have dialed in a few new x100f film simulation settings inspired by a handful I’ve encountered online and now it’s time to see how they perform in the real world.


Most of the day spent in work sessions in the conference center of the hotel, which was informative but it was not until the evening before making it over to CityWalk to get in some lens time. After margaritas and doughnuts with the coworkers I didn’t capture a whole lot aside from this panorama prior to departing back to the hotel via water-tai.

City Walk


An abbreviated day of work sessions before heading to Universal Studios’ Adventure Island, to take in the sights and get some good outdoor demo time with the x100f

Near or Far

Harry Potter Land


The official company retreat has ended and most people have headed home in the early morning but I’m sticking around a few extra days for in-depth training with the technical teams, and a brief stop at the Kennedy Space Center for an additional day of tourism…

Space Video Camera


…and getting to see Space Shuttle Atlantis up close and personal.


Rocket Engine

Monday / Tuesday

Lots of training with the tech/IT teams in the Orlando suburbs before heading home and and tweaking the fuji x100f film recipes a bit for the upcoming late February trip.

Mossy Tree

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